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Hundreds gather for Colorado rally to support and exercise Second Amendment rights

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Hundreds of pro-Second Amendment demonstrators converged on the streets of Loveland, Colorado, to show their support for and exercise the right to bear arms.

What are the details of the event?

According to KCNC-TV, the Rally for Our Rights event lasted three hours Saturday and drew about 300 people.

Brenda Barrett, an attendee at the weekend's demonstration as well as a member of the National Rifle Association, told KCNC, "You can’t look to the government to do everything for you, you have to be self-sufficient."

"I just don’t feel like I am a revolutionary, or a rebel," she added. "I am just being an American, doing what I have a right to do."

Another attendee, Dale Leppert, said that for his part, "it is not about hunting. It is about protection."

"This gun is no different than any other gun," Leppert added. "Everyone here, there are guns all over the place. Has anyone been shot yet? No. The guns are not the problem. We have laws on the books to stop criminals; we need to stop criminals."

Co-organizer Lesley Hollywood told KCNC that she believed the event had many supporters.

"I think it has become a very controversial view, to be a Second Amendment supporter," Hollywood explained. "As you can hear from the people driving by, this shouldn’t be controversial. It was really important to me to show that we all don’t agree. Not everybody agrees with the message that is being put out there."

Anything else?

Last week, Hollywood told the Reporter-Herald why she and her co-organizer decided to embark on rallying Second Amendment supporters for the Rally for Our Rights Event.

"With the overarching anti-gun sentiment spreading across this country, I felt it was important to show a differing point of view," Hollywood said. "To show citizens of Northern Colorado that we don't all agree, and to give pro-Second Amendment advocates a place to come together. You don't even have to own guns to support the right to self-defense, and I expect there will be many people like that there."

Co-organizer David Huntwork also told the Reporter-Herald that he believes preserving the Second Amendment is imperative.

"The Bill of Rights and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are important for the preservation of a free society," he told the outlet. "The Rally for our Rights is utilizing the First Amendment to protect the Second Amendment just like the Second Amendment protects the First."

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