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Quinnipiac poll: Most Republicans say Trump should NOT fire Mueller

According to a new poll, most Americans do not think that President Trump should fire special counsel Robert Mueller — 69 percent were against Mueller’s firing, and only 13 percent were for it. (2007 file photo/Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Fifty-five percent of Republicans think that President Donald Trump should not fire special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday – more than twice the 22 percent of Republican respondents who thought that Trump should fire Mueller.

When it came to all American voters polled, regardless of party, the numbers were even more stark: 69 percent against Mueller’s firing, and only 13 percent for it.

The poll results suggest that even Republicans who think that the investigation is unfair still think that Trump should not fire Mueller. Fifty-two percent of Americans and 30 percent of Republicans think that Mueller is conducting a fair investigation, while 32 percent of Americans and 54 percent of Republicans think the investigation is unfair.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, released a statement along with the results that said when it came to Mueller, voters’ opinions were clear:

“American voters in huge numbers, including a majority of Republicans, tell President Donald Trump: Keep your hands off Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

What else did the poll say?

This Quinnipiac poll was not all bad news for Trump. It also showed that his approval rate had risen had risen to 41 percent – his highest ratings since a similar Quinnipiac poll gave him a 41 percent approval rating in March 2017.

Trump’s highest approval rating came for his handling of the economy. On this issue, 47 percent approved while 48 percent disapproved of the job he’d done. Taxes came in at a close second, with 46 percent approving and 47 percent disapproving.

Trump received lower marks when it came to foreign policy, with only 39 percent approving of how he handled foreign policy compared to 55 percent disapproving.

When it came to questions about Stormy Daniels, voters believed that the affair happened 58 percent to 14 percent, but overwhelmingly did not care about it. Seventy-three percent said that they did not think the affair was an important issue, while only 23 percent thought that it was important.

On no issue where the numbers more clearly divided along party lines than when it came to views on journalism. According to Quinnipiac:

“Republicans say 80 – 12 percent that journalists make up stories.  Democrats back journalists 89 – 6 percent and independent voters are divided as 46 percent say journalists report to the best of their knowledge and 43 percent say they make up stories.”

Who was surveyed for this poll?

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,181 voters nationwide for this poll. Voters were called on cellphones or landlines between April 6-9.

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