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Ken Bone’s son suspended from school pending police investigation after visiting gun range with dad

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Ken Bone, who achieved television notoriety for his appearance as a spectator and questioner at a 2016 presidential debate, alleged that his son was suspended from school after sharing a photo of himself visiting a gun range with his father on social media.

What are the details?

Last week, Bone tweeted that his son had been suspended from school pending a police investigation.

He alleged that his son's suspension was over a photo in which Bone and his son were photographed at a gun range shooting target practice.

On Thursday, Bone wrote, "Remember this photo from a few days ago? Well, a school administrator saw it and now my son is suspended from school pending a police investigation."

Bone previously shared the photo on Twitter, in what appeared to be a response to Parkland student Kyle Kashuv's viral experience in being questioned over his own photo at a gun range.

Bone wrote, "Here's a pic of my son learning to shoot safely under my supervision. Maybe those security guys want to talk to him."

On Friday, just a day after revealing that his son had been suspended, Bone noted that the situation had been resolved.

"Just talked to the principal of my son's school," Bone wrote. "He is cleared to return to school on Monday. Thanks for all the kind words and support, I'm glad this got resolved so quickly."

He did not provide further information or elaborate on his conversation with the principal at the time of this writing.

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