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ESPN’s Jemele Hill says President Trump's invitation to Kaepernick ‘rings especially hollow’

Image source: TheBlaze

ESPN's Jemele Hill castigated President Donald Trump again Tuesday.

What was the reason this time?

She criticized the president for reportedly inviting former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a race summit, claiming that an invite from the president seems "hollow" and "disingenuous."

What's the background?

Last week, reports emerged that the Trump administration is reportedly planning a race summit in an effort to discuss racial tensions in America.

Kaepernick is among the names floated by reports about the summit, which will also reportedly include musicians and other athletes.

White House outside adviser Rev. Darrell Scott said that he'd spoken to the president in an Oval Office meeting on Thursday and noted that Trump was "100 percent for it."

"He’s very enthusiastic about it," Scott said.

Scott is reportedly co-organizing the summit with Andrew Giuliani, an aide in the White House Office of Public Liaison.

According to a People magazine report, the details of the summit will be ironed out this week.

What did Hill say?

In a Tuesday editorial piece published on The Undefeated, Hill wrote that any invite from the president to Kaepernick simply wouldn't be genuine.

"There is something to say for Trump seeking greater understanding of complex racial issues, especially considering he has often come off as dismissive of the impact of racism on marginalized people and seemingly revels in encouraging intolerance," Hill wrote.

"But we’re a long way from giving Trump a cookie, as it can’t be forgotten how much Trump seemed to take a special delight in helping to torpedo Kaepernick’s NFL career," she added, noting that even before Trump became president, he "used Kaepernick and the NFL player protests like a racial chew toy" in order to stoke the fire of his supporter base.

Hill went on to remind her readers of Trump's insult against kneeling NFL players, whom he called "sons of b*****s," noting that the president encouraged team owners to fire any players who refused to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner."

"Trump hijacked Kaepernick’s original message — which was never about disrespecting the anthem, but rather holding this nation accountable for subjugating people of color to oppressive systems — and helped turn Kaepernick into public enemy number one," she explained.

"Unless the president is willing to admit how much his words have contributed to Kaepernick being seemingly blackballed by the NFL, how could Kaepernick and Trump even begin to have a truly open conversation about race?" Hill mused.

She added that it's "certainly true" that if the U.S. has any chance at all of healing its racial divide, "it's going to require bringing together people who haven't always been in the room with one another."

"But it’s not that simple in this case," Hill concluded. "Trump has spent a lot of time attacking and criticizing Kaepernick without ever acknowledging or addressing Kaepernick’s concerns."

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