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Teacher tells kids to pelt 4-year-old with rocks as punishment for tossing stones at ground: report

Image source: TheBlaze

A teacher reportedly encouraged her daycare students to pelt a fellow student with rocks in order to teach him a lesson, according to WHBQ-TV.

What are the details?

Police are investigating a teacher at a Forrest City, Arkansas, daycare after a particularly disturbing video made rounds on the internet.

That video featured an adult telling her other pre-school-aged charges to throw rocks at one of their peers in retaliation for his purported stone-throwing.

According to WHBQ, the alleged incident took place at the center in April, and was purportedly caught on video by a fellow teacher, who later took the footage to police.

The whistleblower also filed a report with police on April 26, and subsequently quit her job at the daycare center.

(Content warning: Disturbing imagery ahead.):

What was the whistleblower's account of the teacher's alleged behavior?

The unidentified teacher who brought the tape to police told law enforcement that she'd witnessed the alleged incident.

She said that she and other daycare workers were outside with the children, when she witnesses another one of the teachers telling a young child to sit down.

The child — which WHBQ reported was approximately four years old — would not listen, according to the whistleblower's account, and instead, decided to throw rocks at the ground.

She then told police that in response to the boy's rock-throwing — at the ground, mind you — the accused teacher encouraged students to line up and throw rocks at the young boy to teach him a lesson that you shouldn't throw rocks.

The whistleblower also noted that this isn't the first such disturbing incident that she'd reportedly witnessed.

According to the police report, obtained by WHBQ, approximately six pre-school-aged children threw rocks at one of their peers as he kneeled on the ground, covering his face while he wept loudly.

In the video, the police report notes that a voice can be heard in the video's background that reportedly said, "He'll learn to stop. OK. That's enough."

The station reported that in addition to the police's investigation, child services launched an investigation of their own.

According to WCMH-TV, the whistleblower was a "disgruntled employee," and pointed the outlet to her attorney for any comment or question on the disturbing video.

WHBQ also reported that police had spoken with the teacher in question, who reportedly told police that the children at the center threw rocks all the time, and she did not recall a time when she allowed children to throw rocks at other charges.

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