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News you need: Morning links for Wednesday, May 16
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News you need: Morning links for Wednesday, May 16

Here are some of the headlines and stories you need to know from around the web this morning, Wednesday, May 16:

Shooting an 'assault weapon' helped me understand the gun debate (USA Today)

Writer Matthew Albright is a supporter of most gun control efforts coming from the Legislature in his home state of Delaware. But a recent trip to the range, which featured a chance to fire a so-called "assault weapon," changed his views on the anti-gun crowd's push to ban the rifles.

North Korea is dismantling its nuclear site, but is it abandoning its arsenal or hiding evidence? (Reuters)

Not only is North Korea wavering on the scheduled denuclearization talks with President Donald Trump, but also there are now serious questions about whether the Hermit Kingdom is actually abandoning its nuclear arsenal. According to Reuters, satellite images show that the Kim Jong Un regime is dismantling its nuclear test site, but analysts can't tell whether this is an actual step toward denuclearization or an effort to hide nuclear capabilities from the world.

Seattle judge blocks U.S. from revoking man’s DACA protection; orders feds to stop saying he has gang ties (Seattle Times)

The federal government revoked Daniel Ramirez's DACA status early last year and has been trying to deport him. After various courts blocked President Trump's efforts to end the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, officials reinstated Ramirez's DACA protections. But then they told him that they planned to revoke it again because of his alleged gang ties. U.S. District Judge Ricardo Martinez ruled Tuesday that the government must stop asserting that Ramirez is connected to violent gangs.

Scientists found a big ol' black hole out in space — and it's growing fast (Space.com)

It's the fastest-growing black hole ever found, and it's consuming the mass equivalent to the Sun every two days. So, how long until we're all doomed? Well, researchers say we don't need to worry.

Fox News host exits his company over support for Trump (The Daily Beast)

Steve Hilton, a pro-Trump host of Fox News' "The Next Revolution," parted ways with his nonpartisan political crowdfunding site, Crowdpac, Tuesday. The company issued a statement that it was standing against Trumpism and for democracy in it's decision to get rid of Hilton, saying that the former CEO's vocal support for Trump "created a tension" within the organization. The site also suspended all fundraising for Republican candidates.

Could California's primaries actually prevent the Democrats from taking over the U.S. House? (Los Angeles Times)

Democrats fear that the Golden State's "top-two primary" could keep them from flipping the U.S. House to Democratic control. California is one of only a few states where the two candidates with the most votes on the primary ballot — regardless of party affiliation — advance to the November general election. With the flood of Democratic hopefuls in the primary races this year, it's possible they could split the vote and leave the party without candidates for important races.

Trump expected to cut Planned Parenthood funding through regulations (The Hill)

Pro-life activists and Capitol Hill GOPers have been pressuring President Trump to defund Planned Parenthood since the day he took office. Now it appears that those efforts might pay off.

Pope Francis condemns killing of Palestinians near Gaza border (New York Post)

The pope condemned Wednesday the Israeli military's killing of Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border. “[T]he use of violence never leads to peace," Pope Francis said. "War begets war and violence begets violence.” The violence in Gaza came when the terrorist group Hamas led violent protests against Israel as the U.S. officially moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

Following U.S. lead, Guatemala moves embassy to Jerusalem (Politico)

Guatemala on Wednesday became the second country to hope a new embassy in Jerusalem, following the United States' lead. The new embassies are seen as a diplomatic boost for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out that Guatemala was also the second country — after the U.S. — to officially recognize Israel 70 years ago.

Inspectors confirm 'likely' use of chlorine as chemical weapon in Syria (NPR)

After visiting the site where cylinders were dropped in the rebel-held Syrian city of Saraqeb, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed "that chlorine was likely used as a chemical weapon." Syrian strongman Bashar Assad has long denied gassing his own people, but the evidence is pretty clear.

Anne Frank’s hidden diary pages: Risque jokes and sex education (Washington Post)

It's a book that every American reads in school. It's contents changed the world. Now researchers have found passages never seen before. The secret pages, which contained "dirty" jokes and explanations of sex and prostitution from the 13-year-old girl who was hiding from the Nazis, had been covered with brown paper and hidden from the world — until now.

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