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Hillary is definitely not over the 2016 election - here's her latest complaint

Hillary Clinton made a joke about the interference in the 2016 election by the Russians to help her opponent, Donald Trump, win the presidency. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Hillary Clinton made a joking reference to the Russians helping President Trump defeat her in the 2016 election during her convocation speech to graduating Yale students Sunday.

Here's what she said

"Now I see looking out at you that you are following the tradition of over the top hats," she said during her comments on Class Day at Yale.

"So, I brought a hat too," she added.

Clinton pulled out a Russian ushanka hat and put it on.

"A Russian hat," she said smiling as the audience applauded. "Right?"

"Look, I mean, if you can't beat'em, join'em!" she added.

Clinton went on to talk about what she said were dangers against democracy, and admitted that she was not "over" the surprise loss in the 2016 election.

"There are certain things that are so essential they should transcend politics," Clinton said. "Waging a war on the rule of law and a free press, de-legitimizing elections, perpetrating shameless corruption, and rejecting the idea that our leaders should be public servants undermines our national unity."

"No, I'm not over it," she said about her loss. "I still think about the 2016 election. I still regret the mistakes I made. I still think, though, that understanding what happened in such a weird and wild election in American history will help us defend our democracy in the future."

Here's the video of Clinton's antics:

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