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Folks in hipster neighborhood are asked if they're proud to be Americans. They reply as hipsters do.

Will Witt of PragerU recently asked folks in Echo Park — a hipster neighborhood in Los Angeles — if they're proud to be Americans. They pretty much responded as you might expect hipsters to respond. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Will Witt of PragerU recently ventured to Echo Park — an iconic hipster neighborhood of Los Angeles filled with artists, musicians, indie rock clubs, trendy bars, and graffiti-covered murals — to ask folks if they're proud to be Americans, among other queries.

As you might expect, the Echo Park faithful pretty much responded as hipsters do these days.

When one guy noshing from a bowl of something-or-other at an outdoor cafe was asked if he was proud to be an American, he replied "no."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

When pushed further for a reason, he offered two words: "Donald Trump." He added that "the sooner they can get rid of Donald Trump, the better the future is gonna be."

Said diner also was asked if patriotism is a good thing. As before he answered "no." And his reason? "It creates division," he said. "It's like religion."

Another guy was asked "what's caused the downfall in America?" His reply was "capitalism ... puttin' the buck before the person."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A black man was asked if white people have an advantage in America, and he replied, "Oh, for sure."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Another guy noted that America "in a way is the land of selfishness in the extreme."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A woman noted she hoped "a glaze of liberalism" and more diverse points of view would inform every White House decision. Witt then offered that there should be a "black lesbian" president, and the woman replied, "Yeah, I would totally agree."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

One pedestrian predicted the United States will soon resemble a "third-world country," become "more violent," and suffer the impact of "economic disparity and climate change."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Not every individual had bad things to say about the U.S., however.

One man was asked if he was proud to be an American, and he replied, "Yes, definitely. I was the first person in my family to be born in the United States."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Here's the clip:

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