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California high school senior criticizes her school on Twitter — now she can't walk in graduation

Image source: KOVR-TV video screenshot

A Stockton, California, high school senior criticized her school in a series of tweets. Now, she has been banned from participating in her graduation ceremony, KOVR-TV reported.

"I wanted to express some opinions because I felt like that was something I experienced and I wanted to share that with people and I got condemned for it," senior Alexis Irvine told KOVR.

What's the story?

Irvine posted some tweets that criticized her school, Saint Mary's High School, for not investing more in improvements to the school.

"Saint Mary's repetitively put time and money into bettering the sports program...rather than upgrading our education and our school," a post read.

The comment was reportedly an excerpt from a college entrance essay. According to KOVR, Irvine also criticized the school's dated learning materials and overall dirty conditions.

"I'm confused and disappointed in my own school, you know?" Irvine told KOVR. "It's just very heartbreaking."

Irvine, who made local news in 2014 as the only female member of the football team, plans to attend Sonoma State University next year, with plans to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Irvine's mother, Cynthia Martinez, told KOVR that the school's actions were "very questionable."

What does the school say?

The school confirmed in a statement to KOVR that Irvine was banned from the ceremony.

"The student's posts on Twitter do not reflect nor support Saint Mary's High School's mission and philosophy," the statement read. "The student is allowed to graduate but will not be participating in the graduation ceremony."

Saint Mary's is a Roman Catholic school that, according to its philosophy, is "concerned with constant and careful attention to cultivating in students the intellectual, creative and aesthetic faculties of the human person; to develop in them the ability to make correct use of their judgment, to promote in them a sense of values; to encourage just attitudes and prudent behavior."

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