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Report: Disgraced Weinstein wanted to make a documentary about himself and the #MeToo movement

Image source: TheBlaze

Disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein reportedly wanted to make his own documentary — about himself and the #MeToo movement — according to Page Six.

What are the details of the report?

On Saturday, Page Six published an item noting that Weinstein — who stands accused of myriad counts of sexual misconduct, as well as various rapes — was seeking to to make a documentary all about himself.

Weinstein turned himself in to be arrested on Friday in connection with the allegations.

He was formally charged with felony rape and criminal sex acts and released on $1 million bail.

If convicted, Weinstein faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison

To date, Weinstein has maintained his innocence and called sexual interactions "consensual."

According to Page Six, the documentary would tell Weinstein's side of the story, and had reached out to "industry sources to help him make the film."

One such party reportedly invited to be involved was a person whose medical bills Weinstein reportedly paid "years ago."

"[Weinstein has] been trying to get a documentary done on himself," a "film insider" reportedly told the outlet.

"He wanted to make a film he could control — he’d been calling people," the source reportedly added.

A rep for Weinstein told Page Six, however, said, "[Weinstein] isn’t interested in a documentary about his experience. Didn’t happen."

The source reportedly noted that during his pitching of the documentary, Weinstein kept saying "when this is all over," apparently referring to the scandal.

Even though Weinstein's camp deny that the disgraced film mogul has any interest in pursuing such a project, Page Six reported that "outside parties" have been looking to "pursue a film on the fallen mogul with his cooperation."

According to the outlet, "one Hollywood exec mused to us when we asked about the viability of a potential project" and said that any such project "could be like 'Weiner' meets 'If I Did It.'"

"Of course, with his legal issues," the Hollywood exec reportedly said, "this could go on forever. But someone could film him while he’s going through this."

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