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More embarrassing posts discovered from past blog of MSNBC host Joy Reid

MSNBC host Joy Reid was criticized anew over even more embarrassing posts discovered on a blog website she ran long before becoming a prominent voice on the progressive news cable outlet. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

MSNBC host Joy Reid is under fire yet again for more embarrassing posts from a blog she ran before gaining prominence on the progressive cable news network.

A 9/11 truther

According to Buzzfeed, posts were discovered on Reid's former blog website that promoted an infamous video entitled "Loose Change 9/11," that supported a conspiracy theory blaming the U.S. government for the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001.

The post was published in March 2006 on Reidblog, and pointed her readers to the 80-minute documentary that went viral in the years after the attack that claimed nearly 4,000 American lives.

“The fundamental question is: do you believe the official story of 9/11?” the post reportedly read. “If you do, great. If you don't, then everything that happened after that is called into serious question."

"Even if you're agnostic," the post continued, "or you tend to believe that al-Qaida attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon and that the government had no warning such a thing could happen, it's worth taking a second look.”

Neither MSNBC or Reid responded to Buzzfeed when asked to comment on the report.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric

Another post discovered appeared to criticize illegal immigrants in the wake of the Katrina Hurricane disaster in 2005.

The post asked who should rebuild New Orleans, "low-paid Mexican workers, legal and illegal, or the American citizens evacuated from there?"

This attitude seems incongruent with the illegal alien advocacy on MSNBC more recently.

A pattern of blog abuses

MSNBC was criticized heavily for backing Reid when she claimed that the blog had been hacked and embarrassing homophobic content had been placed there later by her political opponents. Both the network and Reid have been under renewed pressure after Roseanne Barr's show was cancelled because of her own politically incorrect posts on Twitter.

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