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News you might have missed: Morning links for Wednesday, May 30

Flowers lay under a picture Wednesday of the 41-year-old anti-Kremlin reporter Arkady Babchenko on the memorial wall of Moscow's journalists house in Moscow. The prominent Russian war correspondent and former soldier was declared dead, but later revealed to be alive in what was reportedly an elaborate sting operation.(Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images)

A murdered anti-Kremlin Russian journalist is...alive? (The Telegraph)

In a bizarre twist of events, outspokenly anti-Kremlin Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko turned up alive at a news conference. According to reports, he said that the whole thing was part of an elaborate sting to catch a hit squad.

North Korean official to meet with Secretary of State Pompeo in New York City (CBS News)

Kim Yong Chol, a top official from the North Korean government, is traveling to New York City on Wednesday to meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The two will discuss the possibility of saving the summit between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

A record is being set for the world's longest commercial flight route (The Independent)

Do you ever fly across country and think, "If only this trip were longer!"? Then this new Singapore Airlines flight may be just the thing for you. Starting on Oct. 11, the new flight path will travel nonstop from Singapore to New Jersey's Newark Airport, an 18-hour and 25-minute flight traveling to Newark and 18-hour and 45-minute flight traveling back. The Airbus A350-900URL will carry 120 metric tons of fuel to make the trip.

Scientists create the world's smallest house (NBC News)

Think your house is small? It's probably bigger than this one. Scientists in France have created a house that is only 20 microns long. For reference, a human hair is about 5 microns thick. The tiny house has a tiled roof, seven windows, a door, and a chimney. But this tiny real estate venture was not just created for fun. The scientists who made this were testing their ability to create incredibly tiny and detailed structures, some of which could be used used for medical purposes.

Heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in North Carolina (CNN)

Subtropical storm Alberto has dumped massive amounts of rain on several southern states.The extreme weather also "compromised the integrity" of the Lake Tahoma dam in North Carolina on Wednesday, leading to mandatory evacuations. About 2,000 people live in zones that need to be evacuated.

New report shows many government agencies aren't equipped to handle cyberattacks (Washington Post)

A new report by the White House Office of Management and Budget found that 71 of 96 government agencies surveyed were using security programs that were considered to be "at risk or high risk" for cyberattacks.

Couple confesses to stealing $1.4 million from hurricane victims (

What kind of people prey on hurricane victims? A New Jersey couple has confessed to stealing more $1.4 million from victims of Hurricane Sandy. The two used a construction company to receive payment to rebuild after the hurricane. Then they either never started or never completed the projects, and instead used the money to gamble in Atlantic City and to buy a $17,000 ring.

The country of Macedonia may be close to renaming itself (Reuters)

The country of Macedonia, just north of Greece, has had a longstanding feud with its southern neighbor. Greece also has a region within its borders also named Macedonia, and sees the country of Macedonia's name as a sort of claim on that region too. The squabble has lead to Greece blocking Macedonia (the country) from joining NATO or the EU. But now talks seem well underway to change the name of the country to something else. The Greek Foreign Minister announced that he and his counterpart from Macedonia (the country) had drafted documents, and that the prime ministers of both countries would now discuss a proposed solution.

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