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Video featuring cop boxing with black teen goes viral — but not for the reason you might think

Image source: TheBlaze

Video of a Texas police officer boxing with a black teen has gone viral for all the right reasons, and according to KTVT-TV, has racked up over a million views on social media.

What are the details of the video?

Mesquite Police Officer Winston Bowen said that he was called to investigate a noise complaint at the Hillcrest Apartments.

"They were having a little barbecue, they were playing some music, and there were some kids out there with some gloves," Bowen said, according to KTVT.

Bowen, a 14-year police veteran, said that the partygoers turned the music down, but before he left, challenged him to a boxing match. They provided him with a set of gloves and off they went.

Bowen, who KTVT reported has been boxing since he was 13, took the challenge.

"There’s this perception that police officers have guns, we have a badge, but we can’t fight," Bowen said.

The match ended when Bowen's radio was accidentally knocked loose.

"We hugged, I mean, physically hugged," Bowen said of his opponent, and said that he dedicated himself to make a difference in his community.

"Years ago I made that decision, I’ve got to step in there and I’ve got to make a difference," he said.

What did others say?

According to the station, Officer Bowen is affectionately known as "Blade," due to a resemblance to "Blade" film actor Wesley Snipes.

De'Ovion Tutt, an 18-year-old resident, said, "Everybody loves [Bowen]. They like him. When he pulls up, they’re like, 'Aw, there’s Officer Blade.'"

"Officer Blade got him," said Tutt of Bowen's opponent.

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