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Facebook video channel will air shows by these anchors from CNN, Fox News, and Univision

A new feature on Facebook will air original news programming from anchors from CNN, Fox News and Univision. (Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images)

Facebook is attempting to muscle its way into the news industry by partnering with CNN, Fox News and Univision to air news shows on a video channel from their powerful social media platform.

Here are the anchors they'll be highlighting

Facebook Watch will publish seven news shows, including some with Anderson Cooper from CNN, Shepard Smith from Fox News, and Jorge Ramos from Univision.

The shows will feature original news in a short video format that viewers can watch from their Facebook pages.

"The goal was to begin to experiment with new formats and new ways to engage with an audience that is unique to Facebook," says Campbell Brown, the head of global news partnerships for Facebook.

"Having partners — finding a diverse set of partners who are successful on Facebook now, doing quality news videos and who also really get how to engage with their audience — was important to us," she explained.

The seven news programs will premiere on Facebook later in Summer of 2018.

Anti-Trump bias?

All three anchors have been highly critical of President Trump, which is likely to be noticed by some viewers. Anderson Cooper has criticized the president almost on a daily basis, while Ramos has been accused of melding left-wing activism with his journalism, especially in the realm of illegal immigration policy.

Ramos was famously thrown out of news conference being held by then-candidate Trump before the election when he aggressively pressed his questioning about illegal immigration.

Shepard Smith has been one of the dissenting voices on Fox News that often uses his platform to dismantle narratives supportive of the president and his policies. Most recently, Smith attacked the claims made by Trump about "spy gate," the alleged plan by Obama officials to illegally investigate the Trump campaign for political purposes.

Shepard also criticized Trump for attacking U.S. politicians over the interference by the Russians in the 2016 election while ignoring the role Russia had.

Here's more about Facebook's foray into news:

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