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Trump's top economic adviser takes criticism to new heights after Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back

Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser, takes Trump's criticisms of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to new heights. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Larry Kudlow, top economic adviser to President Donald Trump, blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday, one day after the top Canadian leader announced his country would move forward with retaliatory tariffs against the United States.

Kudlow's comments came during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union."

What did he say?

According to Kudlow, who said he personally negotiated with Trudeau, the Canadian leader betrayed the U.S. after negotiations at the G-7 summit in Canada.

"I personally negotiated with Prime Minister Trudeau who, by the way, I basically like working with, but not until this sophomoric play," Kudlow said.

Following the summit, Trudeau announced his country was moving forward with new tariffs against the U.S., which he claimed are a direct response to tariffs on metals that Trump recently put in place. Trudeau said Canada "will not be pushed around."

In response, Trump said the U.S. would withdraw its endorsement of a communique agreed upon by G-7 leaders, which focused on trade. Kudlow said the U.S. joined the communique in "good faith," making Trudeau's announcement even more disheartening.

"Here's the thing. He really kind of stabbed us in the back," Kudlow said. "He really actually, you know what, he did a great disservice to the whole G-7."

"Trudeau made an error. He should take it back. He should pull back on his statements," he added.

What else did Kudlow say?

He explained Trudeau's decision to blast Trump after he the G-7 summit — and Trump's subsequent response — is related to Trump's upcoming meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

"Kim must not see American weakness — it's that short," Kudlow said.

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