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Trump says his feud with Trudeau will 'cost a lot of money for the people of Canada

U.S. President Donald Trump answers questions during a news conference Tuesday following his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Trump repeated his criticism of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the news conference. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump said that his recent feud with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would “cost a lot of money for the people of Canada.” Trump made the comments in a news conference in Singapore on Tuesday, after his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wrapped up.

What did Trump say?

“When I got on to the plane, I think that Justin probably didn’t know that Air Force One has about 20 televisions,” Trump said, referring to statements that Trudeau made in a news conference shortly after the G-7 summit ended. “And I see the television, and he’s giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the United States. I say, push them around? We just shook hands. It was very friendly.”

Trump added that Trudeau's statements would “cost a lot of money for the people of Canada.” He reiterated this sentiment on Tuesday in an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“I actually like Justin, you know, I think he’s good, I like him, but he shouldn’t have done that. That was a mistake. That’s going to cost him a lot of money,” he said.

How did Trump treat Kim?

A reporter at the news conference in Singapore asked Trump why he seemed to be treating Kim, a dictator who has brutally oppressed his own people and threatened to attack the United States with nuclear weapons, better than the prime minister of one of our closest allies.

Trump did not seem to think that this question was unreasonable.

“I think it’s a very fair question,” he said. “I had a very good meeting with the G-7. And I left the meeting, and I’ll be honest, we’re being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries very seriously.”

What did Trudeau say?

After the G-7 summit, Trudeau said at a news conference that the Canadian government “did not take” the U.S. tariffs against Canada lightly. He also said it was “kind of insulting” that Trump used national security to justify the tariffs against a longtime ally, and announced that Canada would be implementing “equivalent tariffs” on July 1.

Just a few days before the G-7 summit, Trump had revoked the exceptions for Canada, Mexico, and the European Union from the steep U.S. tariffs against aluminum and steel exports.

Trump responded with a series of tweets on Monday, accusing Trudeau of “false statements” and calling the prime minister “very dishonest and weak.” Trump also pulled his support from a joint statement agreed upon by the G-7 members in response to Trudeau's comments.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted about Trudeau again, accusing Canada of making $100 billion in trade with the U.S.

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