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Marijuana tour bus driver arrested and 30 passengers cited for public consumption in Colorado

Police arrested the bus driver and cited 30 passengers for public consumption on a marijuana bus tour in Denver. Recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it's not legal to consume it publicly in the city of Denver. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Passengers on marijuana tour bus in Colorado received more than a trip around the city, they also got citations for public consumption.

And the bus driver earned a trip to jail, KCNC-TV reported.

On Friday, undercover cops hopped on board a My 4/20 Tours bus in Denver where they witnessed activities similar to a promotional video posted on YouTube.

"We're gonna crank up the music and pass out joints," a host can be heard saying in the YouTube video.

They cited 30 passengers for public consumption and arrested the driver.

Another company called Colorado Cannabis Tours was also raided the same day.

Isn't the recreational use of the drug allowed in Colorado?

Yes, but it's not legal to consume it publicly in the city of Denver and consuming it while riding in a moving vehicle is considered public consumption.

In March, the city of Denver sent letters to tour bus operators notifying them that marijuana cannot be used on the buses.

"It is against the law in the city of Denver to have a business that allows public consumption of marijuana on a tour bus," said Eric Escudero, spokesman for Denver Department of Excise and Licensing.

Companies were also informed that they can apply for a license that would allow consumption in the city's designated locations.

What do lawyers say?

Marijuana lawyer Rob Corry, who isn't representing either of the tour companies, called it, "a victimless crime, if even a crime," according to KCNC.

"Every single person on the limo wants to be there. Every single person on the limo pays to be there," Corry said.

Alcohol use is permitted by limo passengers, he added. "Why not marijuana?"

Will My 4/20 Tours apply for the permit?

The founder of My 4/20 Tours, Daniel Schaefer, told KCNC he had no plans of applying for such license and would continue operating as usual, adding he has consulted with an attorney.

“We’re continuing to operate. We are very comfortable with our legal position in this matter,” Schaefer said in an interview with the news outlet.

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