Black NRATV host goes high after lib writer is confused over black man's BMW, conservative beliefs

NRATV host Colion Noir (left) discusses the backlash a Huffington Post writer received when she tweeted that she saw a black man driving a BMW bedecked with pro-NRA and Tea Party stickers. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

NRATV host Colion Noir spoke out about a tweet targeting black men over their political preferences and driving luxury cars that sport conservative bumper stickers.

What's the back story?

On Thursday, Kimberley Johnson — a contributor for The Huffington Post — wrote in a since-deleted tweet, "Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers. One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don't tread on me.’ This left me very confused."

Johnson immediately faced backlash over the tenor of her tweet.

According to Fox News, one Twitter user fired back with a pointed response. The user wrote, "It's not confusing to people who don't judge others based on their skin tone. You should try it."

Many of the responses to Johnson's initial tweet were quite similar.

According to the outlet, Johnson tried to backpedal, claiming that she was simply "confused," writing, "It's not about skin tone. It's about people voting against their own interests. The same can be said for anyone who isn't rich and white."

After deleting the thread, Johnson later wrote, "1/ Okay. I deleted a tweet that questioned why African Americans would support the Tea Party, and people saw that as racist. I do not see the GOP working in the best interests of people of color or women. I never said anyone should vote any particular way. I said it confused me."

"I deleted it because people were putting words in my mouth and changing my original intent," she added. "FOR THE RECORD: I do not believe everyone should vote the way I do. However, I am free to wonder what motivates people to vote. End."

Except it wasn't the end; not really.

Noir shared a screenshot of her tweet on Thursday, writing to Johnson, "I drive a BMW, so let’s wonder together about why I think and vote the way I do. Here’s an open invite to come on my show and have that conversation."

Did Noir say more about her tweet?

Noir spoke with Fox News' "Fox & Friends" Friday — being a black, affluent, conservative man himself — and discussed Johnson's tweet.

Noir, who earned a political science degree from the University of Houston as well as a law degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, wasn't impressed by Johnson's political assumptions.

Noir said that he was initially offended by Johnson's tweet, but later came around to the conclusion that perhaps it would be better to speak with Johnson about her preconceived notions regarding race and politics.

"It bothered me because it kind of prejudged me, or kind of characterized me as being someone who can't believe a certain thing simply due to my race," he explained. "When I initially saw it, I was offended but then I ... thought, this is actually an opportunity ... to have a conversation."

Noir went on to note that he extended an invitation to Johnson to appear on his NRATV show, "Noir," to open up a dialogue on opposing viewpoints.

"She was absolutely clear. It was pretty evident that she made an assumption about a black man in a BMW based on bumper stickers he had on his car," he explained. "Personally, I'm anti-bumper sticker [laughs] however ... I am also a black man who has built a platform based on the right that not so long ago was denied to people who looked just like me."

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