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Suspect allegedly attacks Massachusetts police officer, then uses the officer's gun to kill him

Weymouth, Massachusetts, police officer Michael Chesna, 42, was killed Sunday when a suspect attacked him and then used the officer's gun to shoot him several times in the head and chest. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A Massachusetts police officer and an elderly woman were killed after a suspect attacked the officer with a rock, then used the officer’s gun to shoot him in the head and chest, according to published reports.

Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna, 42, was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday. The unidentified woman was fatally wounded by stray bullets in a nearby home, Fox News reported.

The suspect, Emanuel Lopes, was arrested and is expected to be arraigned on two counts of homicide Monday, reports stated.

Lopes reportedly crashed the car he was driving and fled on foot around 7:30 a.m, Norfolk County assistant district attorney Greg Connor told media.

Chesna reportedly came upon Lopes as he was allegedly vandalizing a home. After Chesna fell, Lopes allegedly took the police officer’s gun and shot him several times in the head and chest.

Additional Weymouth police officers responding to the scene returned fire, striking Lopes in his leg and knee.

How was the woman killed?

Lopes tried to flee as officers chased him on foot. During that time he allegedly fired Chesna’s gun three times at the officers. A stray bullet fired by Lopes killed the woman in the home. She was not identified, pending notification of next of kin, reports stated.

Lopes sustained injuries that were not life-threatening and was transported to a local hospital, according to reports.

Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes told media that Chesna was a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and left behind a wife and two children, ages 4 and 9.

"I hired Mike Chesna 6 years ago tomorrow," said Grimes.

He said Chesna's mother once told him "he joined the military to help open the doors to get on this job [as a police officer]."

“He was one of those people who truly sought this job and was fortunate enough to get it,” Grimes said.

Chesna's body was transported via procession of multiple law enforcement agencies to the state's medical examiner office for evaluation.

As the procession traveled, dozens of police saluted the vehicle carrying Chesna and police placed bouquets by the Weymouth Police Headquarters.

In a Boston Globe report, witness April Visco, 43, said she heard 10 to 20 shots fired. She said she ran outside and heard someone yell, "get on the ground," three times.

“Everyone says ‘it doesn’t happen in my neighborhood,’” she told the Globe. “It does happen everywhere.”

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