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Transgender prisoner accused of sexually assaulting four women inmates in United Kingdom

A transgender inmate in the United Kingdom is accused of sexually assaulting four female inmates. (Getty Images)

An imprisoned transgender woman allegedly assaulted four female inmates in a British prison, the Daily Mail reported.

The inmates have accused Karen White, who had been living as a woman for two years, on four counts of sexual touching. White was born a male and has not had reassignment surgery.

The assaults are believed to have occurred between September and November. Authorities moved White to a men's prison following the accusations.

White is expected to appear in court next month, according to BBC News.

What happened?

A judge sent the 51-year-old transgender to New Hall Prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, last year, the report said.

The first assault allegedly occurred soon after White arrived at the high-security prison. The first victim claimed to have become friends with White before the attack.

Another prisoner alleged that White made inappropriate comments about oral sex to another inmate.

The third victim claimed White attacked her, and the fourth victim accused the transgender prisoner of kissing her on the neck.

How do judges decide where transgender prisoners go?

British transgenders can legally change their gender on their birth certificate if they have a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and they have lived as their preferred gender for at least two years, according to the Daily Mail.

Judges most often use such criteria to determine whether to send a transgender inmate to a male or female prison.

What else?

In March 2017, England and Wales housed 125 transgender prisoners, up from 70 during the prior year, according to the Daily Mail.

In 1999, transgender prisoners won the right to have gender surgery in the U.K.

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