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Gallup poll: Russian meddling near the bottom of American concerns; immigration at the top

A new Gallup poll shows immigration is the top concern among Americans. (MartialRed/Getty Images)

Immigration is the top issue in our nation, according to a new Gallup poll that asked Americans what is the most important problem the country is facing.

The combined totals for all groups show that immigration is the top concern among 22 percent of Americans surveyed, followed by dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership (19 percent).

What about Russia?

Despite the mainstream media’s push of the narrative of Russian political meddling, a the poll shows it is not the most important issue to almost any Americans. The latest Gallup poll survey shows that not even one percent of Americans surveyed believe the Russia issue is the most important issue facing the country.

Among partisan groups, there is little variation in what Republicans, Democrats and Independents view as the top problems. Four problems made the top five of issues: immigration, government, unifying the country and lack of respect for each other, according to Gallup’s website. Rounding out the top five list for Republicans, the economy and moral/ethical decline were tied. Race issues were included among the top five issues for Independents and Republicans.

Republicans and Democrats have different views on why immigration is a top problem, the report notes. Republicans likely are considering immigration’s impact on the economy and crime. In contrast, Democrats are zeroing in on the Trump administrations crackdown on illegal immigration.

Here's how Republicans, Independents and Democrats ranked the most important problems:


Immigration – 35 percent

Government, 15 percent

Unifying the Country, 8 percent

Lack of respect, 6 percent

The economy (general) 4 percent

(Tie) Ethics/moral decline


Government, 27 percent

Immigration, 18 percent

Race relations/racism, 10 percent

Unifying the country, 5 percent

Lack of respect, 5 percent


Immigration, 17 percent

Government, 17 percent

Race relations/racism, 9 percent

Unifying the country, 7 percent

Lack of respect, 6 percent

Gallup noted that since the midterm elections are getting closer, Republicans could use immigration as an important theme in their quest to keep their party’s House and Senate advantages.


Anything else?

Another significant part of the survey is that people are generally not worried about the economy. Only four percent of Americans believe the “economy in general” is the top problem. Even fewer mention jobs, unemployment and the federal budget deficit, foreign trade, taxes and other economically-related issues, according to Gallup.

Results for the poll were based on telephone interviews from July 1 through 11, 2018, with a random sample of 1,033 adults, aged 18 and older living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The results include a minimum quota of 70 percent cell phone respondents and 30 percent landline respondents, according to Gallup’s website.

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