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Florida restaurant takes a stand against the NFL -- and uses it to help veterans

A Florida location of the restaurant Beef O'Brady's cancelled its NFL television package, and will use the savings to give discounts to veterans. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

A Florida restaurant owner figured out a way to respond to national anthem protests in the NFL in a way that helps those whom the anthem honors, according to WTVT-TV.

The owners of Beef O’Brady’s restaurant in Brooksville are pulling their financial support of the league by cancelling the premium NFL television package, and they’re using the savings to benefit veterans.

“This is what we are doing, this is the stance we take, and the money we would’ve spent, we are going to spend on our vets,” said Curtis West, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Janet.

What’s the story?

The Brooksville Beef O’Brady’s, like many restaurants, typically subscribes to a premium television service to get all the NFL games every Sunday.

The Wests subscribed to the NFL Sunday Ticket Package through DIRECTV. This year, because of the national anthem protests the league has allowed, the restaurant is cancelling that package and giving a 40 percent discount to veterans on Sundays during the NFL season.

“Beef O’Brady’s will not be financially supporting the NFL this year due to their lack of compassion and gratitude for our American service members,” a poster in the restaurant reads. “Our national anthem is one of the methods we as American citizens have always used to show our appreciation to all military service members, past or present, alive or dead. This tradition deserves respect and unfortunately, the NFL does not feel the same way.

“So, for this season, we will not be purchasing NFL ticket. Perhaps it will make a difference if it hits their wallets,” the message concluded.

Cancelling Sunday Ticket will save the restaurant about $5,200, West said.

Why do this?

West said his love for the country and frustration over the perceived disrespect of the protests led to this decision.

“I am an American patriot,” West told WTVT-TV. “I am not that kind of guy, but it makes me angry, it really does. The people that are doing the protests, I don’t believe their intention is to disrespect our veterans but that is what has come from this.”

West did say he was worried that business might be hurt by not having all the NFL games on at his restaurant, but he’s hoping the customers will take care of the staff.

“I tell [the wait staff] hang in there because they might be just fine and don’t you worry about it because we have a very generous community and they take care of our wait staff very well."

(H/T Fox News)

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