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VIDEO: Texas business owner critically injured during robbery of $75,000 bank withdrawal

Video surveillance footage shows a woman and her husband on the ground as they attempt to fight off two robbers who took the woman's purse, which contained a $75,000 withdrawal she just made at the bank. (Image source: Video from Harris County Constable Precinct 4)

Savage robbers critically injured a female co-owner of a Valero gas station in Spring, Texas, to get their hands on a $75,000 bank withdrawal she had just made and was carrying in her purse. They reportedly saw her make the withdrawal and followed her back to the business.

What happened?

Security footage of the attack shows a brunette woman wearing patterned pants and an orange top as she opens the door to the gas station. A man pulls up in a car, jumps out, quickly runs at her and attempts to snatch her purse.

“The victim fought hard and refused to give up her purse containing the money,” Harris County  Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman, stated in a news release posted on Facebook.

The woman tightly hangs onto her purse as the robber drags her along the ground and repeatedly tries to pry it from her hands. The woman’s husband charges out of the store to help but also receives a harsh beating from the thief.

A second thief drives up the getaway car, a black Chrysler 300, and joins the man who is beating the couple. At one point, one of the thieves kicks the woman squarely in the face. After the couple falls to the ground, the driver jumps back in the car and backs it over them.

The woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Herman stated.

A deputy from Herman’s office was on patrol when he saw the group fighting and stopped to investigate.

Were they caught?

David Dowell Mitchell was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He is being held in Harris County jail without bond.

Investigators are still looking for the second suspect, Travonn Johnson, who allegedly backed over the couple.

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