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School caves, removes 'Make America Great Again' bulletin board after facing public pressure

A school is under fire after one of its teachers put up a class bulletin board featuring a photo of President Donald Trump along with his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." (WRBL-TV video screenshot)

A Georgia school caved to popular demand that a President Donald Trump-themed bulletin board be taken down because of the offense it might have caused.

What are the details?

According to WRBL-TV, the incident occurred at Long Cane Middle School in LaGrange, Georgia, over the last two weeks.

Students returned to the school for their 2018-19 school year and were met with a bulletin board featuring a photo of Trump, as well as his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Parents, guardians, and local residents shared their frustrations about the bulletin board on social media to the point where the Troup County School District had to intervene.

According to the station, One critic wrote, "I am appalled. Would you want your child or grandchild in this class?" Others chimed in calling the bulletin board inappropriate.

A reporter for the station phoned the school about the social media complaints and was told that the bulletin board in question was, indeed, inside one of the eighth-grade Georgia Studies classrooms.

What did the school district say?

Yolanda Stephen, director of Communications for the Troup County School District, told WRBL that the bulletin board was part of a greater display about government.

"What I think is important to understand is that this display was also among others depicting past presidents and the current serving president," Stephen said. "The class does go over a section on the federal government."

Stephen added that using a campaign slogan is not appropriate for a classroom, however.

"We don't want to bring in those political views that could be divisive," Stephen explained. "We know that our parents and our students have different opinions, they have different concerns, and they have different sensitivities."

After WRBL spoke with a representative for the school, the bulletin board was taken down shortly afterward.

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