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Watch: Tucker Carlson has a wild explosive debate with Michael Avenatti
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Watch: Tucker Carlson has a wild explosive debate with Michael Avenatti

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had an explosive debate Thursday with attorney Michael Avenatti about his client Stormy Daniels and the accusation that she was being exploited for his personal and political gain.

Stormy Daniels exploited

The debate capped off months of insults and jabs thrown at each other indirectly on social media and on the Fox News show.

Carlson asked Avenatti to explain his views on Russian interference in the U.S. election when he called it at act of war. Right away, Avenatti objected to the question and demanded they talk about the Stormy Daniels case.

"Tucker, you gotta stop interrupting me," Avenatti said, "OK, because one of the conditions of me coming on tonight was that you're not gonna do what you routinely do to guests, which is talk over them and interrupt them, so just let me finish with my answer, OK?"

"I said I would give you a fair interview," Carlson said, "I actually don't have any interest in squabbling with you at all, or with name-calling. I've done a lot of that to you, and you've done a lot to me."

'Reckless rhetoric'

Carlson accused Avenatti of using reckless language against Russia when he compared their election interfering with a military invasion.

"What I'm saying is you're using reckless rhetoric on a subject you don't really understand, that increases the temperature between the United States and a nuclear-armed adversary," Carlson said. "Is that a responsible thing to do?"

"I think that under the circumstances I stand by my words, and I think that for you to lecture..."

"That it's a hundred thousand troops on the border?!" Carlson interrupted.

"I think for you to lecture me about reckless rhetoric is rather ironic, Tucker, in light of some of the reckless rhetoric that you engage in, each and every day on this show."

'Campaign finance violations?'

Carlson moved on to the Daniels case, accusing Avenatti of exploiting his client, and asking what the injury was to his client that he was alleging in their lawsuit. Avenatti called Carlson a hypocrite as the debate continued.

"Did Donald Trump have a moral obligation to tell the American people that he had a relationship with Stormy Daniels?" Carlson asked.

"I don't care if he had a moral obligation or not...," Avenatti responded.

"Then why is it a crime that he didn't?" Carlson countered.

"No. What he had an obligation to do is not cover it up and lie about it and commit campaign finance violations as his right hand," Avenatti fired back, "Michael Cohen just pled guilty to the felony, Tucker, what are you talking about?"

"To campaign finance violations?" Carlson asked. He went on to deny that that he believed Cohen was guilty of campaign finance violations.

Carlson then accused Avenatti of exploiting Daniels again, after which Avenatti asked him when was the last time he had watched adult films. The debate devolved into insults and calumny.

Here's the video of the insane debate:

Avenatti has said he is considering the possibility of running for president in 2020. He has also indicated that he will press on with his lawsuit despite what Avenatti says are attempts by Cohen to protect Trump from being deposed in the case.

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