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Here's what is making Michelle Obama depressed and frustrated
Former first lady Michelle Obama told an audience that she was depressed and frustrated by the current state of politics. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Here's what is making Michelle Obama depressed and frustrated

In a rally to encourage voter registrations in Florida, former first lady Michelle Obama told the audience that the current state of politics made her depressed and frustrated.

"Daily chaos, the pettiness, the meanness..."

The former first lady told the audience that she understood how many felt that there was not enough progress in politics, or worse, that the vote was "rigged" and not worth putting effort into.

"Is there any wonder why we're so frustrated and tuned out of our politics?" she said. "When a huge chunk of the population sits out of the process, why are we surprised when our politics don't reflect our values?"

"I definitely get feeling frustrated," Obama continued later in the speech. "I am frustrated too!"

"I am tired of the daily chaos, the pettiness, the meanness that too often dominates the political discourse," she continued.

"We all are," she said. "It is exhausting and honestly it is depressing."

Obama told the audience that they needed to vote because it was the "only" avenue open to them to have an effect on those on in power. She also said that if they didn't vote that others who wanted to leave them behind would take power.

"While you're staying silent, frustrated, mad, thinking the system is rigged, other people are speaking up," she said. "And you might not like what they have to say. They might not see things the way you do. They might not understand the kinds of challenges your family is dealing with. They might not have any problem leaving you and your family behind."

"So when you don't vote," she concluded, "what you're really doing is letting somebody take power over your own life!"

Here's the video of Michelle Obama's speech:

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