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WATCH: Dem senator who questioned Kavanaugh about ‘boofing’ gets ironic nickname in new political ad

The Republican challenging Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) released a new ad mocking him for questioning Brett Kavanaugh about "boofing."

A top Democratic senator who questioned Brett Kavanaugh about "boofing" during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee late last month is the subject of a new political ad that mocks the line of questioning.

During the hearing, Kavanaugh told Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) that "boofing" — a reference made in one of Kavanaugh's high school yearbooks — referred to flatulence.

What does the ad say?

The ad comes from Bob Flanders, the Republican nominee challenging Whitehouse for his Senate seat.

"With all the world watching, Senator Whitehouse asks about....flatulence," the ad's narrator says. "What an embarrassment for Rhode Island.

"Let's elect a problem solver — not a gasbag," the narrator adds.

According to Webster's Dictionary, a gasbag is "an idle or garrulous talker," meaning a person who is "pointlessly or annoyingly talkative."

Indeed, after the emotional Sept. 27 hearing, Whitehouse was widely mocked for using his five minutes to question Kavanaugh about "boofing" and another yearbook reference to "the devil's triangle." Kavanaugh's detractors alleged the latter referred to a sexual act. Kavanaugh, however, said it was a drinking game his friends created; those friends later corroborated Kavanaugh's testimony.

Watch the ad below:

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