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FBI director contradicts the liberal narrative about the Kavanaugh investigation

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the supplemental background investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was done according to normal procedure. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Although Democrats felt the FBI's supplemental background investigation into then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was extraordinarily limited by the White House, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Wednesday that the agency completed the probe according to "standard process," Politico reports.

Wray testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, where he faced questions from Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) about whether the investigation into Kavanaugh was thorough enough.

"Our supplemental update to the previous background investigation was limited in scope and that...is consistent with the standard process for such investigations going back a long ways," Wray replied to Harris.

But didn't he just say it was limited?

Wray indeed said the investigation was limited, and that the terms of the investigation are set by the White House -- but that doesn't mean the FBI turned a blind eye or gave special treatment to Kavanaugh to allow him to get confirmed to the Supreme Court.

"As is standard, the investigation was very specific in scope, limited in scope," Wray said. "That is the usual process. My folks have assured me that the usual process was followed."

So how did the White House direct them?

Wray did not get into specifics about what exactly the directive was from the White House about how to handle the investigation.

"The communication between the FBI and the White House for nominees, including judicial nominees, is through the FBI security division, background investigation specialists and the White House Office of Security," Wray told the committee. "I can't speak to what anyone throughout the organization might have received instructions on."

What else was discussed?

Wray didn't just get grilled by Democrats; Republicans on the committee raised old questions about the credibility of the FBI after controversies like the Strzok/Page texts, James Comey, and the investigation into Hillary Clinton's personal email server.

"I take the credibility of the FBI, definitely, seriously," Wray said. "I take anybody's concerns seriously.

"The credibility of the FBI is rock solid," he insisted.

(H/T USA Today)

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