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Trump responds to Liz Warren releasing DNA report - and she's not happy about what he said

President Donald Trump responded to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who released DNA evidence that she has some Native American heritage. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot composite)

President Donald Trump responded dismissively to a reporter after he was asked to comment on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) releasing DNA report that indicated she has some Native American heritage.

'She owes the country an apology'

Trump responded Monday to the report while speaking to the media with the first lady by his side.

"Sen. Warren released some of her DNA results that show strong likelihood that she does have Native American roots," said a reporter.

"How much? One one-thousandth?" he replied.

"Do you owe her an apology?" the reporter asked.

"No, absolutely not. Do I owe her? She owes the country an apology," he responded while some of the reporters laughed.

"What's the percentage? One one thousandth?" he asked.

"I don't have the exact number," she responded.

"Tell me when you have the exact percentage, tell me what the percentage is," he added.

'If I can test her personally'

The reporter asked if he was going to follow through with his challenge that he would give her a million dollars if she proved Native American ancestry.

"You mean if she gets the nomination, in a debate where I was gonna have her tested?" he responded. "I'll only do it if I can test her personally. OK, that will not be something I enjoy doing either."

'Creepy physical threats'

Warren responded angrily from her social media account to the comment from the president, and accused him of making a "creepy" physical threat.

"We all know why [President Donald Trump] makes creepy physical threats about me, right?" she tweeted. "He’s scared. He’s trying to do what he always does to women who scare him: call us names, attack us personally, shrink us down to feel better about himself. It may soothe his ego – but it won’t work."

Warren went on to claim that she never used her infinitesimal Native American heritage to aid her professional life, an accusation that Trump and others had made against her.

Here's the video of the president's response:

Warren released a report indicating that she could be as much as 1/64th Native American, or as little as 1/1,024th.

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