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NV-Gov: Laxalt family members are campaigning for his Democratic opponent — and it's downright ugly

Family members of Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt (left) are campaigning for his opponent, Democrat Steve Sisolak (right) — and it's downright ugly. (Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite)

Family members of Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt are campaigning for his opponent, Democrat Steve Sisolak.

And it's downright ugly.

Who said what?

Monique Laxalt — a cousin of Adam Laxalt, the Nevada Current reported — said in a video for the Sisolak campaign that Adam Laxalt used the "family name" to get ahead politically and has no "true connection" to the state.

“We believe that he came from Washington, where he grew up, to Nevada for the sole purpose of using the family name to pursue a political career which would allow him to eventually return to Washington as one of Washington’s most elite,” Monique Laxalt said of Adam Laxalt. “We do not believe he came to Nevada based on any true connection to or interest in this state.”

Monique Laxalt also blasted what she said are Adam Laxalt's "lack of qualifications" as the state's attorney general.

“Four years ago with Washington money he proceeded to capitalize on our family name to get himself elected as attorney general of this state ... In the position of attorney general he has effectively spat in the face of one of the finest governors Nevada has ever had,” Monique Laxalt added in reference to Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who declined to endorse Adam Laxalt to take his place. “He has pursued the extreme positions of the ultra-rich donors who are now sponsoring his candidacy who have little or no concern for the well-being of the hardworking people of this great state.”

She added that Adam Laxalt has shown "disdain for our beloved state and its people."

Monique Laxalt added in the clip that she speaks for herself, her sister Dr. Kristen Laxalt, “as well as several other members of the Laxalt family" in "opposition to Adam Laxalt's candidacy for governor of Nevada" and noted that "we strongly endorse the candidacy of Steve Sisolak for governor."

What did Adam Laxalt's campaign have to say?

Adam Laxalt's campaign hit back hard Tuesday.

"The Laxalts are a large family — some are life-long liberals, Democrat donors, and operatives," Laxalt spokesman Parker Briden said in a statement to TheBlaze.

"For a distant cousin to attack Adam for coming home to raise his family in Nevada after his service in Iraq and in the Navy shows how petty and political these attacks are," Briden continued. "It's no surprise — this same thing happened when Adam ran for attorney general. It’s a sad sign of the times that partisan politics always comes first for some people."

Briden then lowered the boom, calling it "laughable" to say that the GOP nominee's "record of protecting Nevada seniors, veterans, and women is less consistent with the state’s values than Steve Sisolak’s support for raising property taxes, his doubling of student tuition, and his pattern of pay-to-play politics — for which he was called corrupt by a judge."

Et tu, Auntie?

Kevin Marie Laxalt — daughter of the late Paul Laxalt, former Nevada governor and U.S. senator — also campaigned for Sisolak. According to the Current, Adam Laxalt is her nephew.

In a Twitter clip posted by Sisolak last week, Kevin Marie Laxalt — an English professor at Great Basin College in Elko — said Sisolak is the best candidate to lead Nevada, particularly in the area of education.

She doesn't mention Adam Laxalt in the video:

It's actually nothing new

Adam Laxalt, 40, has faced opposition from his family members before.

When he was running for attorney general, Laxalt's kin — once again Kevin Marie Laxalt, along with Dr. Kristin Laxalt (a family doctor in Reno), Neena Laxalt, Kevan D. Laxalt, Meggan Laxalt Mackey, Michelle Laxalt, and Peter Laxalt — penned a 2014 letter to the editor for the Nevada Sun backing his then-opponent, Ross Miller.

Laxalt led Sisolak by a point in a new poll last week after having fallen behind the Democrat by 2 points in September.

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