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NBC journalist says Trump is using this new word as a secret racist dog whistle

NBC's John Harwood said he identified another secret dog whistle employe by President Donald Trump to refer to non-whites, terrorists, and immigrants. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

NBC's John Harwood says that President Donald Tump has added to his secret lexicon of racist dog whistles - the new addition is "mob."

"Non-whites, and immigrants, and terrorists..."

Harwood was speaking to Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC about Trump taking on the motto, "jobs not mobs."

"So, Democrats do have the branding problem," Harwood said, "Republicans on the other hand have a data problem and if you want to know who recognizes that, none other than President Trump."

"In 2004, when President Trump was interviewed on CNN, he was asked, you know, he was trying to figure out his path in politics, and he was asked, do you think of yourself more as a Republican or a Democrat,' he said, 'you know it seemed like the economy does better under Democrats.'"

"In terms of the 'mobs not jobs,' just remember what the subtext of that is," he said later in the interview.

"In addition to the economic facts, the Democrats are a diverse party," Harwood continued.

"The Republicans appeal disproportionately to older whites, and the mob thing is an attempt to alarm those voters about the prospect of non-whites, and immigrants, and terrorists, and that sort of thing," he concluded.

Watch the video of Harwood's comments on MSNBC:

The "m-word police"

The "m-word" has become a forbidden word when employed against liberal protesters by many in the mainstream media. CNN's Brooke Baldwin saw enough blowback when she tried to ban the word on her show that she later justified her "word police" efforts to Steven Colbert.

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