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Some millennials have PTSD because Trump beat Hillary in 2016, study claims

An Arizona State University study shows that 25 percent of millennials claim they got PTSD from the 2016 election. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Some people still haven't gotten over the 2016 presidential election, but some millennials are taking it especially hard still, according to a survey of Arizona State University students.

According to the study, about 25 percent of respondents reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder because Donald Trump won the election. Students were evaluated using the "Impact of Event" scale, which measures the stress response to a potentially traumatic event.

"What we were interested in seeing was, did the election for some people constitute a traumatic experience?" said lead researcher Melissa Hagan of San Francisco State University.

About the study

For the study, students were surveyed in January and February 2017, and answered questions about symptoms such as intrusive thoughts or avoidance that they experienced in the months following Trump's election.

One out of every four people surveyed "met criteria for clinically significant symptoms related to the election."

"The high level of event-related stress are predictive of future distress and subsequent PTSD diagnoses," the study's conclusion reads.

The results compared the level of stress experienced by some of these students to that of people who have witnessed mass shootings.

Women, Democrats, minorities and non-Christians reported significantly higher levels of stress in the study.


The idea that people are reporting post-traumatic stress symptoms because a candidate they didn't like won the election resulted in some mocking online:



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