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Burglar enters home in daylight. Armed homeowner arrives, holds him at gunpoint till cops come.

Armed homeowners — who were "tired of being victimized" — stopped a burglary in progress on Oct. 18 in Happy Valley, Oregon. (Image source: KOIN-TV video screenshot)

An armed homeowner and his girlfriend, who was "tired of being victimized," thwarted a burglary suspect's attempt at raiding their home Oct. 18.

When they arrived home to discover the suspect attempting to leave with their belongings, homeowner Troy Eaton held the suspect at gunpoint while his girlfriend, Dawn Lisa-DesVoigne, called authorities.

What are the details?

Eaton and Lisa-DesVoigne of Happy Valley, Oregon, had just arrived home as the incident was occurring, according to KOIN-TV.

Lisa-DesVoigne and Eaton told the outlet that their home had been burglarized three times in the last 10 days, and they installed a home security system to help thwart or discourage would-be thieves.

"We were tired of being victimized, tired of being traumatized and violated," Lisa-DesVoigne said.

She added that the break-ins have been "heartbreaking," because many of the items stolen — which have included antiques, electronics, and paintings, according to KPTV-TV — belonged to her parents.

"These are things my parents collected their whole lives," she explained.

The couple's new security system didn't stop 20-year-old Edward Cerf from breaking into the couple's home in the middle of the day, according to the KPTV. The system did its job, however, and the couple spotted Cerf reportedly breaking into the home.

They immediately took action to stop him.

Lisa-DesVoigne said that Eaton held Cerf at gunpoint while she phoned authorities, who arrived just minutes later and took Cerf into custody.

"We were determined to keep him there," she said. "It makes me feel like I took some power back from them, from these criminals."

Eaton added, "Certainly I didn’t want to kill anybody, but the situation is frustrating enough where we had to take some kind of step to stop it."

Anything else?

Deputies discovered Cerf's purported accomplice, Gabriella Solis, asleep in a getaway vehicle about a block from DesVoigne's home. Solis reportedly told law enforcement that she had been Cerf's designated eyes and ears during the suspected burglary.

It is unclear whether Cerf and Solis were linked to previous break-ins at the couple's home.

Authorities arrested Cerf and Solis and charged the two with second-degree burglary. Both were booked into the Clackamas County Jail.

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