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NV-Sen: Heller says money is 'only reason' Rosen could possibly beat him

U.S. Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) (L) and U.S. Rep Jacky Rosen (D-NV) shake hands before their debate at KLAS Channel 8 Studios on Oct. 19 in Las Vegas. Rosen is looking to unseat Heller in a tight race in the battleground state. (Photo by John Locher-Pool/Getty Images)

Rep. Jacky Rosen has a lot of money coming in to support her Senate bid against incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), and Heller believes that a fundraising imbalance could be the factor that costs him his seat, according to the Washington Examiner.

Heller has been out-fundraised by a significant margin during the first two weeks of October, and in a close race, every dollar could make a difference.

"It would be the only reason (Rosen might win)," Heller said over the weekend. "Republicans better figure this out real quick because there's only a few of us who can win and be outspent 3-1. There's only a few of us."

Fighting the 'green wave'

Rosen's campaign raised $5.1 million, or $300,000 per day, between October 1 and 17, compared to only $1.4 million for Heller in that same time frame.

Heller said he doesn't believe the money has much to do with enthusiastic support for Rosen as a candidate specifically, but rather it is simply an effort by donors to unseat Republicans.

"We raise $1 million a week. She raises $1 million a day," Heller said. "And they're not raising money for her, they're raising money for this race. It has nothing to do with her. Look at what happened in North Dakota with Heidi. It's definitely a green wave."

A margin-of-error race

Even with all the money being raised for his opponent, Heller still maintains a slim lead in most polls, although the numbers are typically within the margin of error.

Nevada GOP strategist Greg Ferraro said the fact that Heller still holds a lead despite the fundraising disparity shows how strong he is as a candidate.

"That has to tell you something," Ferraro said. "If you pause and break it tells you people are still holding in there for Heller despite the fact his message doesn't have the same amount of velocity behind it."

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