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NY Republican rips Democrat challenger's coat-hanger 'women's healthcare' mailer

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) called out his opponent after the New York State Democratic Committee sent a campaign mailer with a coat hanger and the caption: "Lee Zeldin's plan for women's healthcare." (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) blasted the campaign of his Democratic challenger, Perry Gershon, after it sent out a mailer that featured a coat hanger along with the caption: "Lee Zeldin's plan for women's healthcare."

"On Halloween, as parents/kids return home to enjoy the evening together, this is the mail piece that my opponent's campaign & [the New York State Democratic Committee] thought was most fitting to greet them in their mailbox," Zeldin tweeted. "It's the most disgusting mail piece I've ever seen in any campaign I have been a part of."

"I got that mailer too," Gershon tweeted. "You read the whole thing? Flip it over."

The flip side of the mailer said Zeldin is "a danger to Long Island women" and listed the Republican's voting record on abortion.

Gershon told Newsday that he supported the message on the mailer, even if the imagery was "jarring."

“Lee Zeldin’s record on women’s health is abysmal, and he shows contempt for women’s equality," Gershon said. "While our imagery may be jarring initially, the facts behind it are far more dangerous.”

The New York GOP also slammed Democrats for the "grotesque mailer."

"The @nydems should be ashamed of themselves for this grotesque mailer against @leezeldin. Not surprising from @NYGovCuomo party who refuses to take civility pledge, but they people if NY-1 an apology," the group tweeted Thursday.

Who's leading the race?

Recent polls have shown Zeldin with an 8-point lead on Gershon heading into Tuesday's midterm elections, according to RealClearPolitics.

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