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Trump stuns reporter with reply to her very pointed question - here's what he said

President Donald Trump had a pointed response to a question from a reporter who was blaming him for political violence. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

President Donald Trump didn't take kindly to a question from a reporter about political violence Friday and he threw it right back in her face with his fiery response.

“You are creating — you!"

ABC News correspondent Karen Travers asked the president to comment on a poll that said many Americans blamed his rhetoric for inspiring political violence.

"Some Americans say you are encouraging politically motivated violence with the way you speak," she said.

"No, no, you know what? You’re creating violence by your questions," he responded.

“Me?” she said, stunned.

“You are creating — you!" he said, pointing directly at her.

"Also a lot of the reporters are creating violence by not writing the truth," he explained. "The fake news is creating violence."

"And you know what?" he continued. "The people that support Trump, and the people that support us which is a lot of people, most people, many people, most people know when a story is true and they know when a story is false."

"And I'll tell you what," Trump said, "if the media would write correctly and write accurately and write fairly you'd have a lot less violence in the country."

"The president is not placing blame"

Travers responded to the altercation later with a tweet from her social media account.

"Reminder that earlier this week, Sarah Sanders said 'The president is not placing blame,'" she tweeted.

"Today he points a finger at me and says, 'You're creating violence by your question. You are creating - you.'" she added.

Here's the video of the altercation with Travers:

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