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Author Stephen King tells Iowans they should vote out ‘racist dumbell’ GOP congressman Steve King

US Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) and author Stephen King are shown in these file photos. (Photos by Scott Olson/Getty Images and ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images, respectively)

Author Stephen King dinged GOP Congressman Steve King on Twitter Sunday, calling the lawmaker a “racist dumbbell.”

“Iowans, for personal reasons I hope you’ll vote Steve King out. I’m tired of being confused with this racist dumbbell,” King wrote to his 5 million followers on Twitter.

His comment received 20,000 retweets and more than 124,000 likes by late Sunday afternoon.

What's going on with the lawmaker?

King planned to quietly glide through the closing days of his re-election campaign against Democrat J.D. Scholten. But some of the lawmaker's old remarks and tweets have fueled new controversies for their "anti-immigration messages," Fox News reported.

The congressman kicked a man out of an Iowa event after he said the politician and the Pittsburgh synagogue gunman "both share an ideology that is fundamentally anti-immigration," the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

It appeared King was headed for an easy re-election. Last week he faced condemnation from many Republican leaders and a number of companies announced they would no longer contribute to his campaign.

Last summer, the Iowa lawmaker was slammed for speaking to a publication related to Austria's Nazi-founded Freedom Party, according to reports. He reportedly said diversity was not a strength.

What else has King said?

King, the talented horror writer, has tweeted many times about his disdain for President Donald Trump.

One example came on Friday when King wrote:

“The ads say President Trump is delivering results. He's also delivering hate speech, a pack of lies, and a national debt that's going to crush our grandchildren.”

In another recent tweet, King called Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz a “slimy crawdad."

Anything else?

But it's not all politics. King last week offered an "amazing" tip for writers:

"Note to writers: "Amazing" is very tired. "Amazing" needs a long vacation. Therefore, please don't write about your amazing party, your amazing girlfriend's amazing dress, or your amazing vacation. Something more pungent & specific, please."

The prolific King has authored more than 55 books and sold an estimated 350 million copies worldwide.

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