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Trans woman sues Dallas jail guards who examined her penis to verify which jail she belonged in

Transgender woman Valerie Jackson is suing Texas jail guards who examined her penis to determine where she fit in the scheme of men's or women's jail. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Valerie Jackson, a 32-year-old transgender woman, filed a lawsuit in Texas on Friday alleging that she was sexually harassed and humiliated while incarcerated in the Dallas County jail, according to a report in The Dallas Morning News.

Jackson, who still has a penis, is filing suit because she was housed with male inmates.

The suit names former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez — now the Democratic nominee for Texas governor — as well as several other county employees.

What are the details?

Authorities arrested Jackson in November 2016 after she reportedly went through airport security with a gun in her purse.

Though a grand jury dropped the weapons charge against Jackson, she was subsequently arrested for reportedly trespassing and interfering with an emergency call, according to the outlet.

The outlet reported that as a result of her alleged treatment at the jail, Jackson "suffered trauma, felt demoralized, anxious, stressed" and experienced "a loss of dignity, and fear."

Jackson was reportedly placed in the male area of the jail after the guard told her that she had to be protected based on her genitalia.

The suit alleges that during Jackson's booking, she told authorities that she was female, as she'd legally changed her gender.

When a jail nurse asked about Jackson's menstrual cycle, it was discovered that Jackson had not fully transitioned and still had a penis.

One of the jail employees reportedly asked Jackson, "Have you had everything done down there?"

Jackson initially lied, according to the outlet, "because she wanted this unnecessary and humiliating harassment to end."

However, jail employees reportedly took Jackson to another area of the room and instructed her to reveal her genital area.

"We have to protect you," a jail officer reportedly said. "We can't put you in with men if you have a vagina."

Jackson reported that guards demanded that she pull down her pants so they could verify her genitalia before making a determination as to where she belonged.

When it was realized that Jackson had not undergone her full transition — and still had a penis — she was housed with male inmates, and was required to shower with them.

Jackson said that she was sexually harassed, and on two instances, had to face two male inmates who reportedly masturbated in front of her while in the shower.

Jackson's suit also alleges that a male corrections officer filmed her while she was showering.

Jackson — who is described in the suit as "feminine-appearing" and has breasts — is seeking unspecified damages in connection with the suit, as well as monetary compensation and attorney's fees.

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