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Protesters chant 'John McCain is dead,' 'F*** Ben Shapiro' at Shapiro's Ohio State lecture

Conservative political commentator, writer and lawyer Ben Shapiro waves to the crowd as he arrives on Oct. 21, 2018, to speak at the 2018 Politicon in Los Angeles. Shapiro's appearance at at Ohio State University, resulted in some truly disgusting chants about deceased Republicans. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

As often happens when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro arrives on a college campus to speak, liberal students behaved as if they were under attack. This time at Ohio State University, the result was some truly disgusting chants about deceased Republicans, according to The Federalist.

Video sent to The Federalist's Emily Jashinsky from Young America's Foundation showed protesters outside the venue where Shapiro was set to speak, chanting "Reagan is dead" and "John McCain is dead," as well as "F*** Ben Shapiro."

While the video evidence makes it clear that the university's own students caused more disruption than Shapiro himself ever has by speaking at a university, some at Ohio State still felt Shapiro's very presence could "threaten the emotional and mental safety of much of the campus community."

The Morrill Scholars Program Student Advisory Council, which operates within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, sent an email to students encouraging them to "seek a safe environment" for themselves if they don't "feel comfortable around a climate that will be created by Ben Shapiro's presence."

The email, ironically, warned of the "hostile environment that can result from these kind of events" while failing to acknowledge that the hostility would be created exclusively by students protesting the event.

The Morrill Scholars Program offered a "safe space" to students who preferred not to be alone and found themselves somehow unable to ignore a single lecture attended by several hundred people on a large campus with an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 46,000 students.

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