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Breaking: Ballot count in U.S. House race for Utah takes a surprising turn for Mia Love

Republican Rep. Mia Love (Utah) got a boost in her campaign Friday when the election count swung her way for the first time since election day. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

The ballot count for the election for a U.S. House seat from Utah took a surprising turn Friday to the benefit of Rep. Mia Love, who had been running behind in the vote tally.

"This is just the start of Mia's victory"

Love is running against Salt Lake City Mayor Ben McAdams and pulled ahead in the vote tally for Utah's 4th district.

However, her lead is very slim - 129006 votes to McAdams' 128587, for a difference of only 413 votes. There are still thousands of provisional ballots left to count in the contest.

Her lead is well within the 0.25 percent threshold where Utah law allows for a candidate to request a recount.

"This is just the start of Mia's victory," said Love's campaign manager, Dave Hansen. "We will continue to closely monitor the election results."

Meanwhile Andrew Roberts, McAdam's campaign manager, downplayed Love's lead.

"We're optimistic that when final numbers are reported Monday, Ben McAdams will again be winning," Roberts said. "We're grateful for the dedication of elections officials and employees as they complete the vital task of counting every legal vote."

Earlier Friday a judge denied Love's lawsuit against Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen over the process use to validate votes in the heavily-Democratic district.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the contest when he mocked Love's loss, assuming that she had not won the contest even though ballots were still being counted. The president blamed Love for not embracing him and his policies enough.

Watch Trump mock Love before the results were in:

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