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83-year-old woman fights off burglar in front of dying, bedridden husband. Husband dies a day later.


This is simply heartbreaking

Image source: KTVT-TV video screenshot

Suzy Alummuttil — 83 years old and caring for her husband, who had just returned from hospice care — had to fend off a burglary suspect in her Fort Worth, Texas, home last week.

Suzy ended up being OK, but her husband of 52 years died the next day.

What are the details?

Suzy was able to physically force the unidentified suspect away. But the suspect, who is still on the run at the time of this writing, reportedly got away with the family's truck, which was parked in the front yard.

Her husband, John, who could only watch in horror, was bedridden and couldn't do a thing to help.

"He saw [the incident], but he could not talk," said Suzy, who bravely fought off the intruder even through her own tears.

John died the day after the attack.

Front porch surveillance video shows the suspect, a black male, climbing the stairs to the couple's porch and approaching the front door, which had been left open for the hospice nurse.

The suspect can then be seen cautiously entering the home.

Suzy attempted to call 911 as well as her son during the attack, but the suspect reportedly tried to wrest the phone from her grip. He was unable to do so, and Suzy's son and the police ended up responding to the frantic calls — but not before the suspect reportedly escaped with the couple's Chevy Silverado.

"All I could hear was some sort of a struggle [on the phone] is what I can best explain it as," the couple's son, Saji Alummuttil, said.

“The break-in is also one of his last memories, assuming that he was not really cognizant," Saji said. “We had a hard week last week."

What else?

Police are still actively searching for the suspect in the video surveillance footage, and according to the station, the Alummuttil family is hoping that someone will recognize the suspect and turn him into authorities.

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