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ABC panel amazed at 'shocking' new data showing Trump's political strength despite indictments: 'We have to respect'
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ABC panel amazed at 'shocking' new data showing Trump's political strength despite indictments: 'We have to respect'

An ABC News panel expressed shock on Sunday that President Joe Biden is not building any electoral lead over Donald Trump despite his predecessor's legal troubles.

Over the weekend, a new Wall Street Journal poll found that Trump and Biden are tied (46%) among registered voters. Not only are they tied, but Trump's standing with voters has improved compared to the same WSJ poll conducted in April. That survey found that Biden had a three-point lead over Trump. So not only is Trump gaining despite four criminal indictments, but Biden is slipping.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos found the result "shocking."

"It is kind of shocking in a way that, despite all of the baggage that Donald Trump carries, he's tied with Joe Biden right now," Stephanopoulos said on ABC News' "This Week."

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, admitted the poll seriously troubles her.

"George, when I looked at that recent poll, the Wall Street Journal, I said, 'Oh, this could keep me up at night,'" Brazile admitted, explaining that Biden and the Democratic Party are having trouble connecting with younger voters.

Later in the segment, Brazile said Trump has orchestrated a political "movement" that demands "respect."

"I'm old enough to say this: I've seen two movements outside of the social justice movements in my life on the political side," Brazile said. "One was the Reagan movement. Reagan had a hold on his base. The country at large, they saw him as someone who was willing to stand up for American values, whatever that might have meant. Now I thought it was reactionary. The other movement I saw was Barack Obama, hope and change. That galvanized the American people.

"I’ve never seen anything like this with Donald Trump," she continued. "I mean, what doesn't kill you make you stronger? I mean, being indicted, that's making him stronger? Raising $10 million using an ugly mug shot to raise money? This is a movement.

"And anyone who thinks that you can apply the old political rules to try to defeat this candidate based on 'he's scary, he's ugly' — whatever you might want to call him — this is a movement. And we have to respect the fact that it's a movement," she admitted.

‘Shocking’: George Stunned By New Poll Showing Trump and Biden Deadlocked Despite Trump’s ‘Baggage’www.youtube.com

Reihan Salam, president of the Manhattan Institute, also explained that Trump is "incredibly shrewd and disciplined when he’s focused on the political."

"When he's focused on the issues, he speaks in a very accessible way that could be meaningful in a general election," Salam said.

Salam further explained that Trump has "galvanized" voters who are suspicious of the "establishment." And fortunately for Trump, the number of American voters who are "more suspicious" and "less trusting" of the government is growing.

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