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Actor Sean Penn says men have become too 'feminized,' adds 'cowardly genes' lead men to 'putting on a skirt'

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Actor Sean Penn said that American men are becoming more and more like women every day — because of "cowardly genes."

What are the details?

In a recent interview with The Independent, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor and his daughter, Dylan Penn, promoted their upcoming film "Flag Day."

During the interview, the 61-year-old actor said that he believes American males have become "quite feminized."

"I have these very strong women in my life who do not take masculinity as a sign of oppression toward them," he explained. "There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt."

What else is there to know about this?

Penn's remarks were an echo of these he made earlier in January.

"I am in the club that believes that men in American culture have become wildly feminized," he said at the time. "I don't think that being a brute or having insensitivity or disrespect for women is anything to do with masculinity, or ever did. But I don't think that [in order] to be fair to women, we should become them."

He added that gender roles are too challenged due to an "absence of male behavior."

Penn also hit out at social media, and said that he believes people are willing to compromise their true selves and stuff away their stances on important issues in order to be well-liked and roundly accepted.

“We give too much of a s*** about what we are going to be accused of by people who want to be self-righteous because they can get a quick reward," he said. "And they’re self-righteous hypocritically – they damn this, but don’t worry about why kids are being bombed in Yemen, because it’s not getting them into a club right away.”

He added, “I’m a little frustrated with the world. I’m glad I’m old and won’t be having to deal with where this stuff is going.”

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