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Airbnb now requiring 24 hours between bookings to limit COVID-19 spread


Taking it seriously

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Airbnb's CEO announced Monday that the company is establishing new cleaning guidelines for hosts, placing 24 hours between all bookings at all times.

The new guidelines will go into effect in May, CEO Brian Chesky said in a statement.

The move is an attempt to tamp down the spread of COVID-19.

What are the details?

A statement from the company detailing the new measures states that "guidance will include specific information on COVID-19 prevention, such as the use of personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves for hosts or their cleaners, as well as disinfectants that are approved by regulatory authorities."

"Hosts can commit to keeping their home empty for a set period in between stays, with no activity other than cleaning," the statement continued, pointing a second option if hosts were unable to abide by the stringent, new cleaning regulations.

A spokesperson for the company told Business Insider that the new protocols represent "the best way for hosts to show guests that they take cleanliness and sanitization seriously."

"We have seen signals that the COVID-19 pandemic will shape consumer needs both and preferences in the short and long term, and heard feedback from our host community that they care about and want more resources," the spokesperson added. "We believe that enrolling in our enhanced cleaning initiative, with guidance and resources provided by Airbnb, is the best way for hosts to show guests that they take cleanliness and sanitization seriously."

Chesky predicts that business will boom after the pandemic has subsided, insisting that there will be a "huge amount of business on the other side."

What else?

The company has worked side by side in developing the guidance with former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

"As a society, we need to observe the physical distancing recommendations made by public health officials while finding ways to preserve and strengthen human connection," Murthy said. "I'm looking forward to helping the Airbnb community as it develops a health and science based approach for safe travel lodging and experiences. These approaches will continue to evolve as our knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 grows."

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