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Video shows 'transgender mafia' assault Alex Stein, douse him with hot coffee, and spit on him during NYC trans event, but NYPD does nothing

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BlazeTV personality Alex Stein was assaulted at a Transgender Day of Visibility event in New York City on Friday. The New York Police Department failed to take action against those who assailed, spit on, and doused hot coffee on Stein.

Stein was assaulted for daring to present a different viewpoint at a Transgender Day of Visibility event in Union Square. The firebrand media personality chanted to the crowd, "It's okay to be gay, don't cut your penis off today!"

Speaking of children transitioning, Stein told the transgender supporters, "Children cannot consent! You guys are all sick!"

Seconds later, Stein was assaulted by the mob and his phone was knocked out of his hands. Stein is shoved and someone in the crowd stole his hat from his head. A man tried to wrap his arms around Stein to bring him down. Another person wearing a "Protect Trans Kids" sucker-punches Alex in the head. A woman shoves Stein from behind.

The progressive crowd not only assaulted Stein, but also doused him with water and hot coffee. The viral video also shows an LGBTQ supporter spit on Stein.

The man who spit on Stein said, "Hey buddy, I got COVID too."

Stein wrote on Twitter, "The person that spits on me admits that they have Covid but the NYPD refuses to protect & serve their citizens from monsters like this."

Then a person is caught on video lowering their shoulder and slamming into Stein. Another individual attempted to bulldoze Stein.

Stein then questions the NYPD officers at the transgender event as to why they turned a blind eye to the abuse that the crowd inflicted on him.

"NYPD you see the coffee, you see them throwing it on me. You don't do a damn thing about it cause you protect groomers, these NYPD, they care about groomers," Stein declared. "You got the cops here, they don't do anything about it."

"You're causing a big scene," a man appearing to be a plainclothes police officer told Stein. "I don't want you to get hurt, I don't want them to get hurt."

The "Prime Time with Alex Stein" host retorted, "I'm not afraid to get hurt. These people are afraid."

When a man in the crowd waved a fan in Stein's face, Alex said, "Just because your gay and weird doesn't mean you're right."

An aggressive transgender supporter threatened Alex, "I will break your face."

Stein reacted to the backlash by telling TheBlaze, "The transgender mafia is absolutely focused on grooming as many children into their weird agenda and due to social justice and progressivism the police as well as United States military now think gender is not based in biology, but it's just a social construct when it's pretty basic that a boy and a girl are needed to make a baby so if you think you're safe from this indoctrination just wait because I promise I'm headed to the city near you soon."

(WARNING: Graphic video)

A week ago, Stein was also assaulted at the "Youth Demonstration for Trans Rights" in San Francisco, California. At the transgender rally, Stein was also doused with water and coffee by so-called progressives.

The crowd became angry when Stein asked, "What rights do you not have?"

A liberal suggested that Stein should commit suicide.

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