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'You're a coward!' Watch AOC get roasted, called a 'liar' during town hall event
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'You're a coward!' Watch AOC get roasted, called a 'liar' during town hall event

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was blasted over her voting record on sending weapons and aid to Ukraine. AOC was confronted by protesters during a sparsely attended town hall event in New York City on Wednesday.

A man is heard on video telling Ocasio-Cortez, "You voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine!"

In May, AOC and all Democrats – including all of the "Squad" members – voted in favor of sending $40 billion in aid to Ukraine following the invasion by Russia.

During the "Legislative Victories & Opportunities for Constituents" town hall event, the man then asked why Ocasio-Cortez doesn't leave the Democratic Party like former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

On Tuesday, Gabbard announced she was departing the Democratic Party because it is an "elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking anti-white racism, who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution." Gabbard also declared that the Democratic Party is "dragging us closer to nuclear war."

The man said Gabbard left the Democratic Party "because they’re a bunch of war hawks.”

"You ran as an outsider," the man said. "Yet you've been voting to start this war in Ukraine. You've been voting to start a third nuclear war with Russia and China."

He asked, "Why are you playing with the lives of American citizens?"

Another man chimed in, "You voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis."

He yelled, "You're a coward!"

The man questioned how AOC could be a "progressive socialist" while voting to send American funds to Ukraine.

He screamed during the town hall event held in the Bronx, "You have done nothing!"

The man declared, "Tulsi Gabbard has shown guts while you have shown cowardice."

"I believed in you and you became the very thing you sought to fight against," the alleged supporter said. "That's what you've become. You are the establishment."

He continued, "And you are the reason why everybody will end up in a nuclear war, unless you choose to stand up right now and denounce the Democratic Party."

The man ranted, "We could be in a nuclear war at any minute, and you continue to fund it. That's what's going on."

AOC refused to address the man's claims, but she did call him "rude." He retorted, "You're the liar here. Nobody has held you accountable."

The man concluded, "And it is time for you to stand up and realize that what you've been saying has been lies. Let your conscience come through for once."

One of the protesters shared a screenshot of an email he allegedly sent to Ocasio-Cortez in 2018, in which he was hopeful that the up-and-coming New York politician would assist him in a dispute with his landlord.

At the time of publication, AOC – who is extremely active on social media – has yet to address being confronted about her voting record on funding Ukraine.

Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, Ocasio-Cortez has never mentioned the conflict on her massively popular personal Twitter account with more than 13.5 million followers. On her much less popular government Twitter account, she has mentioned the conflict three times – the last being in March.

"As Ukraine fights against the Russian invasion, we have a moral obligation to assist any way we can," AOC tweeted on March 28. "The Ukraine Comprehensive Debt Payment Relief Act would work to support the immediate suspension of Ukraine’s debt payments, help coordinate comprehensive debt relief, and more."

In April, Ocasio-Cortez voted against the Asset Seizure for Ukraine Reconstruction Act. The bill that passed in the House gives the president the power to "seize and confiscate assets belonging to any sanctioned foreign person whose wealth is derived through support for or corruption related to the regime of Russian president Vladimir Putin."

In January 2020, Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed that "war is a class conflict."

"The rich and powerful who open war escape the consequences of their decisions," AOC tweeted. "It’s not their children sent into the jaws of violence. It is often the vulnerable, the poor, & working people – who had little to no say in conflict – who pay the price."

Previously, AOC declared that "the whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable."

"Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted in December 2020. "Popular support often starts small & grows. To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable... that’s the point."

Editor's note: Due to a typo, the original version of this story incorrectly identified Ocasio-Cortez as (R-N.Y.) rather than (D-N.Y.).

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