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Amber Alert teen killed during shootout between police and her dad: Report

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A young girl who had been the subject of an Amber Alert was reportedly struck and killed during a shootout between her father and police.

On Monday, police issued an Amber Alert for Savanna Graziano, 15, of Fontana, California, about an hour east of Los Angeles. Police feared that she had been abducted by her father, Anthony Graziano, after he supposedly murdered Tracy Martinez, the girl's mother, during a domestic incident.

At the time, Anthony Graziano, 45, was considered armed and dangerous. The alert included a description of Graziano's vehicle and a license plate.

On Tuesday, a motorist spotted the vehicle and reported it to law enforcement. When police caught up with the suspect, he was traveling southbound on I-15, headed toward L.A. He and police then began exchanging gun fire. At some point near Victorville, the suspect's car became disabled.

When the car came to a stop, someone inside continued to fire at police. Savanna Graziano then reportedly exited the vehicle, wearing a tactical helmet and a "trauma plate" such as those inserted into a bulletproof vest, and ran toward police. Savanna was then struck by a bullet, though it is unclear whether the bullet came from police or from the suspect.

After police secured the scene, Savanna was given medical assistance and transported to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The suspect also reportedly died of a gunshot wound in the incident.

San Bernardino Sheriff Shannon Dicus shared these details with reporters during a press conference he held on Tuesday. However, he cautioned that "[t]his all still needs to be confirmed and is preliminary information."

Dicus did not say how many times Savanna or Anthony had been struck. He did confirm that one firearm — an AR-15-type rifle — was recovered from the suspect's vehicle. He also alleged that a gun from the suspect's vehicle put "several rounds through the windshield of the patrol unit."

One deputy was injured by shrapnel during the event and is reportedly in stable condition.

Dicus also added that there "may be some indication" that Savanna shot at police as well, and Fox 11 Los Angeles reported that the shots directed at police came from the passenger side of the suspect's vehicle.

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