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Parents accuse American Airlines flight attendant of hiding camera in bathroom to record teen daughter, share 'disturbing' photo

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Parents have accused an American Airlines flight attendant of planting a hidden camera inside the plane's bathroom to record their teen daughter. The family has shared a photo of the hidden camera as purported evidence of the alleged crime.

The family was on American Airlines flight #1441 on Sept. 2, traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts State Police troopers and members of the FBI responded to a "potential criminal act" aboard a flight, according to WFXT. The Massachusetts State Police said the alleged criminal act happened mid-flight, therefore falling under the authority of federal law enforcement. An FBI spokesperson confirmed that federal agents investigated the situation but did not release any further details.

An American Airlines spokesperson previously said, "We take this matter very seriously and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation, as safety and security are our highest priorities."

WSOC-TV reported that the incident involved a "juvenile, a flight attendant, and a cell phone."

The unnamed father of the minor told Fox News this week that his daughter went to the coach bathroom on the plane, but a male flight attendant approached her and allegedly said, "You can use the bathroom up in first class, it’ll be quicker."

The flight attendant reportedly stopped the 14-year-old girl before she went into the bathroom and said, "Let me go in, I need to get in there and wash my hands. We're about to collect garbage."

The teen allegedly said that the man was in the bathroom for about a minute before exiting. He purportedly told the teenager that the bathroom seat was broken.

The juvenile purportedly entered the bathroom and saw that there was a handwritten sign that read: "SEAT BROKEN."

The minor allegedly used the bathroom. However, when she got up, she reportedly noticed an iPhone attached to the toilet seat that was mostly hidden behind the sign.

The teenager then took a photo of the hidden cell phone, which shows the light on the camera.

The male flight attendant immediately went inside the lavatory after the teen exited, according to the girl.

The teenager reportedly told her mother about the hidden camera phone in the bathroom.

The mother went to the first-class bathroom and allegedly warned a female passenger, "Don't go in there. My daughter's just been in there, there's a camera in there."

The mother said she went inside the bathroom, but the cell phone was gone.

The father allegedly confronted the male flight attendant about the incident, and his face "went white" when he showed him the photo of the hidden cell phone.

The concerned parents reportedly informed other flight attendants, who then told the captain.

Authorities were at Boston Logan International Airport when the plane landed.

The family told Fox News that it was "very surprising" that they had "never heard a word" from American Airlines.

The father told the outlet, "One of the things you shouldn't have to worry about is that a member of the flight crew, who you're legally obligated to follow their instructions and who are trusted with your safety, that they're going to target one of your kids and obtain child pornography on a plane. I mean, it's just it blows your mind."

"I think as a teenage girl, she's embarrassed. I think it's, I mean, it's hard to imagine a more intimate violation of privacy than this," he continued. "And I mean, I think it's obvious what that setup was meant to film. And I think, it's just, it's disgusting."

No arrests have been made in relation to the incident.

American Airlines did not respond to a request for comment from the New York Post.

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