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Poll finds terrible news for Dems: Americans are happier under Trump than during Obama's presidency


The highest ratings in decades

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Democrats already faced strong headwinds in the 2020 election: a robust economy, lackluster candidates, and the power of incumbency all of which point to it being likely that President Donald Trump will be re-elected in November. They now have another challenge on their hands: Americans are happier now than when they occupied the White House.

According to Gallup, a record-high number of Americans are happier now than they were during the last year of the previous president. Also, 61% of Americans said they are better off now than they were three years ago. Gallup noted this figure represents "a higher percentage than in prior election years when an incumbent president was running."

"In the 1992, 1996 and 2004 election cycles, exactly half said they were better off. In three separate measures during the 2012 election cycle, an average of 45% said they were better off," wrote Gallup analyst Jeffrey Jones.

'Record high' satisfaction with personal finances and lives

Gallup also stated that Americans are happier with their personal lives and the state of their finances than in past years, both of which bolster President Trump's re-election prospects.

Jones noted the poll taken from Jan. 16-29 matches the findings of a previous survey taken earlier last month that showed "record highs" in Americans' satisfaction with their personal lives and finances.

"Relatedly, 52% of U.S. adults say it is easier for them to 'go and buy things in the stores' than it was three years ago," Jones wrote while noting the figure is significant higher than "in the 1992, 1996 and 2004 election cycles, when the figures were closer to 40%."

The pollster also highlighted that although perceptions of the state of the country are heavily influenced by party affiliation, a whopping 60% of Independents said they are better off now than they were three years ago — the highest of any recorded finding for the coveted swing voting bloc since 1992.

Americans love the Trump economy

The 61% of Americans who say they are better off now than they were during Barack Obama's last year in office closely matches President Trump's approval rating on his handling of the economy.

As Gallup reported earlier in February, 49% of Americans approve of the job the nation's 45th president is doing in office. The researchers believe Trump's strong poll numbers are being driven by his handling of the country's booming economy.

"Americans' confidence in the economy is higher than at any point in the past two decades," wrote Jones.

"Sixty-three percent of Americans now approve of the way Trump is handling the economy, up 6 points from the prior reading in November," he added while noting the economy's popularity is the highest it has been since the early days of the George W. Bush presidency.

"It is the highest economic approval rating not only for Trump, but for any president since George W. Bush enjoyed stratospheric job approval ratings in the first few months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks."

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