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Angry Canadians are turning in Americans who sneak across the northern border


Things are getting real

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Canadians are reportedly tracking down and reporting American illegals, The New York Times reports.

What are the details?

The outlet reports that the angry Canadians are seeking out Americans who have reportedly illegally crossed the northern border.

Canada closed its borders to tourists in March amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and its citizens remain concerned over the nationwide ramifications continued outbreaks could cause.

New York Times reporter Karen Schwartz — a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S. — related a story of her own ahead of a recent trip from Colorado to Alberta, Canada.

"The Canadians are actually doing damage to vehicles with United States plates on them," a friend reportedly told her via text before her trip.

Schwartz writes that many Americans have been turned away at border crossings amid the pandemic, and some have even been threatened with fines and the possibility of being banned from ever entering Canada again.

"There were so many interlopers that on July 31, Canada began limiting which crossings along the border with the United States can be used by foreign nationals who are allowed to transit through the country for nondiscretionary purposes," she wrote. "It is also requiring them to register, and making them display a hang tag on their rearview mirror with a mandatory departure date."

'I would suggest that they get their plates changed'

During a recent press conference, John Horgan — premier of British Columbia — said, "With respect to those who have offshore plates and are feeling harassed, I would suggest perhaps public transit. I would suggest that they get their plates changed. I would suggest that they ride a bike."

Schwartz even writes that Vancouver Island residents are even going as far as to monitor boat arrivals to prevent potentially infected travelers from coming into the country via a water route.

One hotel manager said that he and his staff often conduct parking lot sweeps to see if there are any U.S. license plates, and adds that he has no problem questioning guests and reporting them to local authorities if necessary.

The outlet reported that federal police based in Alberta recorded at least 121 complaints of U.S. license plates between July 1 and July 28.

At the time of this writing, researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimate that there have been at least 120,684 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada, with at least 9,013 deaths attributed to the deadly virus.

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